Meet Jessica
of Nuvo Photography

Q: Why are you a photographer?

I love EVERY part of the photographic process: meeting new people, drawing out their unique personalities and capturing what I see, editing to perfection in the comfort of my home, the excitement of delivering printed products that you can touch. It's so fulfilling to do what I love for a living, and share with others how beautifully I see them. After experiencing that I can't go back to anything else.


Q: What inspires you?


People inspire me most. Each individual has a look and energy unlike anyone else. It's a great learning experience every time. 

Q: What are your top 3 goals at a photoshoot?


Well first, to come away from it with great photos. Second, for it to be a great experience for everyone involved. I think my third goal is for my clients to leave feeling better about him/herself; how they look and who they are.

Q: What moments are most rewarding as a photographer?


When my clients see themselves in a new and positive way through my photographs. Especially if they don't have very high self-esteem. It's also really rewarding to me to make something beautiful and share it. I get to say THAT's YOU! Happy tears for bonus points. 


Q: What is your least favorite part about photography?


It makes me sad when people ask me to make them look like something they're not. "Can you make me look younger?" "Can you make me look thinner?" etc. I could do those things, but I'd rather make you look gorgeous at your present age and flatter your current shape. Photography in the media tends to warp our perception of beauty and ourselves, but photography can also be used to boost our confidence and create our own definitions of beauty.