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In the spotlight: burlesque dancer Olive Capri!

Sometimes I get an inquiry and the vibes are undeniably vibing from the very first emails. Truly, it's the people I meet who make my job (and life) straight up magical.

So without further ado, allow me to present "The Tits & Gumbo of Burlesque: Olive Capri"...

Olive absolutely served on this dining table, didn't she? We really embraced her tagline and set up a little retro diner moment in-studio. Complete with: a delicious dish of gumbo! An homage to her home state of Louisiana and its trademark mouthwatering cuisine. I was absolutely blown away by the detail in those rhinestone pasties!

Next up, this vixen stepped on stage for a moment in the spotlight. We turned up the jazzy track "Real Gone" by Sam Taylor & His All Star Jazz and kept it playing on repeat while Olive dove deep into performance mode...

All I had to do was keep my trigger finger going! Pose after pose, expression after expression. We were breathless by the end of our session. Whew!

If you can't get enough of this showgirl, catch her in action on her Youtube channel: @OliveCapriBurlesque

And if YOU'RE a performer local to Atlanta, you know who to call for your next photo branding session :)


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