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You'll DIE over this Scream mask Mini session

This was easily one of the most FUN sessions of the year! I kicked off spooky season minis with a boudoir session in the studio. Dripping in a rhinestone Scream mask, fishnets, and a killer lingerie set from Amazon, we made some thirst traps with a humorous twist...

I decided to go with the mask first, because it's a fun and easy way to get warmed up to the camera. All you have to think about is your body.

For each new pose, I demonstrate myself, and then coach her through variations. Just a sassy game of Simon says. Easy!

Honestly by the end of the session, EVERYONE starts moving intuitively and I get great candid stuff, that's completely you.

Anyway, I'm sure you're curious to see what this cutie looks like without the mask. Are you ready for the reveal...?

Do you love the bangs or do you love the bangs? It's giving Billie Eilish meets Beetlejuice, am I right? Hit her up if you're in the area and looking for a hair stylist! You can find her on Instagram @radhairbyalexistyler

If you want in on this spook season action, mini sessions are only available for a limited time! Go solo like Alexis for $199 or get a group together for $99 ea. We can get witchy in the woods. Spicy in studio. Or dream up something creative together! Everyone gets 5 digital downloads with their session ($375 value). Booking and details below.

Thanks for reading!


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