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Advice for Content Creators

I am delighted to provide photography for local content creators! Over the years I've heard about the struggle to find quality, professional erotic photography in the Atlanta area. There are absolute weirdos in these streets with impressive gear that promise to "trade for photos" and "build their portfolio." Honey, they probably don't deserve you.

...unless they can provide you with the following:

A contract. Are you doing business or favors? Any reputable professional will provide a contract--in writing--requiring your consent to the details of your arrangement. This includes a TFP; trade for photos! No paper trail? No good.

A model release. A lot of content creators' job is modeling. Your photographer is not allowed to show or sell your photos to any outside party without a model release giving your express permission. Ask your photographer what they intend to do with your images.

A Portfolio. A photographer should have an easily accessible body of work available for you to see the quality and quantity of sessions they've conducted in the past. Do the models look comfortable and expressive? Is your body type or look represented? These are good signs!

A Consultation. Erotic sessions require a high level of expertise to ensure your safety. I'm big on reading vibes, which is one reason why I do video consultations before my sessions. I want my clients to feel like they know me a bit, and I want to know who I'm working with! This is an absolutely acceptable request to make if it isn't offered first.

A Style. Pick a photographer who has an aesthetic that compliments your brand. This can really impress your audience as your content becomes instantly recognizable. If you want to use many different photographers, consider how their styles work together so your overall look is cohesive.

I hope these tips help you in your search for a photographer as a spicy content creator! If you're in or near the Atlanta area, I'd love to share details on my special content creator package. You can message me from any of the content forms on my site or send an email to

That reminds me of another addresses without a custom domain is a red flag. Don't do business through some newbie's hotmail account. K?! K.

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