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I enjoy a good selfie sesh like anybody else! When the outfit is fire, or the light is glowing, my reflex is to pop out the Iphone and smize into my pocket camera like anybody else.

But this week I went all out!

I spent an hour on makeup, slipped into some luxury lingerie, and tossed on a wig for good measure. There are new velvet curtains in my office that I thought would be a phenomenal backdrop for some burlesque-inspired portraits.

I'm newly registered for a photography course to better coach my clients for authentic emotion. Nervous about what to do in front of a camera? How does one even make a "sexy face"? I coach others through these modeling hurdles all day long, but it was time for ME to be in the hot seat and get vulnerable in front of the lens to practice what I've learned so far.

Putting myself in my clients' shoes is an invaluable exercise in empathy and creative expression. Heading into this photo-study I knew I'd learn a lot of technical skills through trial and error, but what really surprised me was how DAMN GREAT I FELT seeing my final photos! I got a chance to micro dose the experience I provide for my clients, and it really made my day.

I'll be posting my own selfie sessions throughout the year as a confidence-boosting practice and to hone my skills for YOU!

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