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One couple, three looks.

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a couple in studio who wanted a slightly 1970s retro vibe to their photoshoot. While Justin was in the makeup artist's chair I got to take some individual photos of Whitney. Partners aren't mere accessories here! Each person in a partnership deserves to be featured and celebrated.

We introduced Justin to the session with a fabulous faux fur coat and only suspenders underneath. Whit's face was *priceless*!

I asked before the session how much spice they wanted, and I was told an 80/20 ratio that favored spicy pics. Here we go...!

A few of my favorites from the 420 themed segment of our session...

Next we ramped up the heat with a black, strappy lingerie set. Scroll to see more.

Finally we ended the session with a shower set.

Needless to say, their album is FIRE! The chemistry was so organic and sincere. I'm elated we upgraded this session from a single to couple's photoshoot. Wishing these lovebirds a most happy engagement and marriage.

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