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Glamour Photography: Boudoir's dressed-up sister

We know the typical wardrobe for a boudoir photoshoot is more or less underwear, right? Thousands of people worldwide are dropping their pants for a unique opportunity to embrace and bare their bodies, creating keepsakes and artwork that celebrate their most intimate state of being. Well, there is an option out there for those of us who don't love to prance around in our skivvies, who feel far more empowered fully clothed thank you very much! That option is: GLAMOUR.

Glamour photoshoots are highly stylized, and often editorial in nature. Think about the beauty ads in a magazine or fashion editorials. Dominique chose a high-low satin dress for her first look at our French estate session in the heart of Atlanta. We cozied up to some beautifully vining wisteria, and literally frolicked through the hedges.

Next, we got a little more daring with a bright orange bathing suit and matching cover up. There was so much possibility for movement and gorgeous draping with that piece of clothing--sometimes more is more! Layering is a great way to add interest and personal style to your session.

I mean really--this woman's energy is as warm and bright as her outfit...

For the grand finale: lounging poolside!

I'm looking forward to more outdoor sessions now that it's summertime! If you have an amazing location idea or especially glamorous articles of clothing just begging to be featured in a know where to find me! My email inbox and social DMs are always open for inquiries.

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