Indoor/Outdoor Boudoir

I basically went straight from Ms. Cherry's boudoir shoot to Miss O.'s house for her session. She recently moved into a new home, so it was big and empty and the perfect set for our session. We chatted while I refined her makeup, and found out we had a lot in common. During the session we were totally on the same wavelength. Anyone watching would've thought we had known each other for longer than a few hours!

There were so many possibilities for wardrobe and locations around the house. I wish we could've done it all, but I think we narrowed it down to some winning combinations.

Our original session got rained out. I usually can shoot indoors when the weather's bad, but Miss O. had a pool. That we HAD to use. I splashed water up onto the scorching poolside so I wouldn't burn my feet, and went to town.

Shout out to Miss O.'s boyfriend for his masterful reflector holding! I'm sure he'll think it was worth it...

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