Christmas & babies wearing hats: AKA our favorite things

Woah, I'm really doing this blog thing! The last time I had a blog was when I was a teenager. I don't think blogs even existed back then...I'm a BLOGGING HIPSTER! I've used the word "blog" too many times already, so I'm just going to move right along...

I'm now offering mini sessions, and to get some recent photos to use for advertising I used my son as a guinea pig. It was the perfect excuse to buy him (another) winter hat and his first sweater! He was still wearing onesies a year ago, and as cuddly as babies are in their little pajama/gown getups I love dressing my kids like teeny tiny grown ups. Honestly, who doesn't love babies in bow ties?

christmas mini session 2014-4 fb.jpg
christmas mini session 2014-1 fb.jpg
christmas mini session 2014-5 fb.jpg
christmas mini session 2014-6 fb.jpg
christmas mini session 2014-fb.jpg
christmas mini session 2014-2 fb.jpg

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