My experience

My fascination with photography began when I was a preteen. Armed with my father's used digital camera--a novelty in the late 1990's--I set out to capture the world around me one frame at a time. In high school I learned the art of film photography (a craft that I feel is essential for all digital photographers) and improved my digital retouching skills through ardent independent study. At 18 I was hired at a photography studio where I had the opportunity to photograph hundreds of people of every shape, size, and walk of life. This experience was invaluable to me, as I learned how to pose and flatter a wide range of different customers.


My university years were brimming with a variety of studies: photography, graphic design, art history, dance, language, the humanities and more. No matter which avenue my interests were taking me, I would return to the camera and apply the knowledge I had gained from my studies and life experience.


After 10 years of freelance photography taking a backseat to other work, l landed a job at a local photography studio. This time I was able to learn about the administrative side of a photography business. I've since left that job in order to spread my wings, and devote my attention to growing my own business. I have lofty plans to have a place of my own in the future. Until then, the world is my studio! 

I love meeting new people and drawing out their personalities in front of the camera. I'm particularly passionate about photographing women; encouraging body positivity, confidence, and self love. Unique and creative photoshoot concepts are my favorite, regardless of gender expression! Let's make it happen!