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Me, myself and beauty

I was a shapely girl. If a toothpick is considered a shape. Throughout childhood and teenage years I silently struggled with my femininity when I didn’t attract the attention of boys. Neither demure nor flirty in personality, I wasn’t sure where I fit in. A woman is one or the other, right? A Jackie or a Marilyn, they say. To compensate, I decided I had to instead be the smart and creative girl. I focused heavily on my inner gifts until my confidence filled out as an adult.  


If only for those two decades I understood that attractiveness is not solely defined by a woman’s measurements and physical attributes. Beauty is what’s inside you: traits of your personality, and the unique energy you exude. Societally we’ve limited beauty to what we see, when really it’s what we ARE.


Beauty is a noun. Beautiful is an adjective. My job is to make images that are beautiful: you bring the beauty.

the about face collection

There’s something satisfying about a makeover story. Dozens of TV series and movies have been made on the subject! The hashtag #TransformationTuesday has more than 12 million posts on Instagram. Why is this such a popular theme? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s because we’re living vicariously through those stories. Maybe part of us wants to change. Maybe we need to see someone else’s transformation to know change is possible for ourselves. The ABOUT FACE Collection is a chance to experience your own transformation! To see yourself as you are, but in a new way.


The application for this series is an opportunity for you to dig deep and contemplate your sense of your own beauty. Every woman’s story is equally as important as her portrait. The day of your photoshoot: get pampered as you prepare with natural hair and makeup styling. Learn the modeling tricks I’ve collected over the course of 14 years’ experience in photographing women of every shape and size. Afterwards I’ll present you with the top 3 final digital images and a matted, archival print 8x10 of the pose of your choice.  


I guarantee you will leave this experience with new feelings of self-love and empowerment, along with a tangible reminder of the transformation we went through together. I have planned many different series for this project, and intend to display these portraits as a fine art exhibit along with your stories from the experience. If you would like to participate, please apply! If you know other Women of Beauty who you feel would be ideal candidates, I urge you to pass along this link. I want to know and capture the faces of conscientious women with open minds and hearts.


There is an introductory discount of 70% off my usual portrait session rates with payment plans available to make this affordable to everyone. The ABOUT FACE portrait session is $99; which includes the sitting fee, 3 finished portraits in digital format, and a matted 8x10 archival print.

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